Monitoring Your Chemical Levels

11 December 2017

The Chem-check is an accurate probe that measures the level of vehicle wash chemicals/shampoos within your bulk tank at either your commercial vehicle wash or Pressure wash facility and continuously send’s data through to our server where it is monitored, that can be retro fitted to your existing chemical tank.

When the tank gets to a low level (which is custom to each site) The Chem-Check Monitoring System will alert the team at head office to organise a delivery to your site, along with notifying the relevant parties. We then arrive on site with our chemical delivery vehicle and pump the required amount of chemical into the tank, taking the duty away from your maintenance team, leaving Brendeck Chemicals to look after you.

key features

  • Primary Function: Chemical level reading.
  • Supplementary Function: theft or catastrophic leak detection
  • Highly accurate
  • No calibration required
  • Data output to Chem-Checks Monitoring system via GSM
  • Alarms sent via Email
  • Single industry standard mounting point
  • Battery operated.
  • Internal antenna.
  • No Maintenance required – no need to manually check levels, we will tell you
  • No more paying to remove empty chemical drums
  • No more handling vehicle wash chemicals
  • Prolong the life of your chemical dosing pumps,
    due to never running out of chemicals

Chem-check Monitoring System

  • Consumption and level reporting.
  • Degree day estimation of run out.
  • Usage tools.
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly views
  • Low level Alerts
  • Unexpected usage alerts – I.e. damaged tank, leaks,theft etc.
  • Re-Order level alerts – Enable’s a delivery to be
  • scheduled automatically


  • Quad band
  • Standard SIM
  • Over 10 year battery life
  • IP68 PVC enclosure.
  • Maintenance Free

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