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The Brendeck Bus wash (three brush rollover) is a self-contained moving gantry suitable for the cleaning of bus and coach’s, quickly and easily with no manual labour required.

Our three brush rollover system is used within the bus and coach industry, due to its versatility along with its on board programmable logic controller (PLC). That allows small changes to be made to ensure the best clean is achieved for the proposed vehicles

The gantry operates on tracks allowing it run up and down the vehicle whilst the vehicle is stationary. Giving a full two pass wash to the vehicle which provides dedicated detergent, sprayed to the exterior of the vehicle whilst the two sides and top brush are scrubbing at the same time down the vehicle, once the gantry has reached the rear of the vehicle, it then proceeds to work its self to the front spraying fresh water and scrubbing again to cleanse.

We can offer options of a single pass wash and a short travel wash facility if time and space are limited.

Key Features

The system delivers everything you would expect from a quality bus wash System featuring:

  • Automatic vehicle height, width & Length detection
  • Covering heights of up to 5.0m
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Accurate brush control ensures a thorough but gentle wash.
  • Quietly and efficiently capable of cleaning bus & coaches in less than three minutes.
  • Microprocessor control provides flexibility of operating programmes
  • Robust, made from a fully galvanised steel construction

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