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Brendeck have in excess of 25 years’ experience in the process of providing Wash Water Recycling Systems.

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Brendeck’s water recycling systems are fully automatic and designed to work with our Three Brush Rollover and Fixed Arch equipment. We can also provide systems to work alongside our pressure wash units and rain water harvesting tanks. The equipment has been developed over 25 years to ensure that we provide the best service, economics and quality of wash. With recent amendments made to L8 documents regards to legionaries we provide a wide range of services to meet the requires set within, such as Biocide dosing systems and aeration flumes to control/reduce bacteria build up, gulping and chlorination’s of reclaim systems using various chemicals to disinfect the whole system from the underground interceptor through to the output jets on the vehicle wash.

There are various products within the range available in both Stainless and Polyethylene:

· HC35 full reclaim system

· Partial Reclaim System

· Partial Heritage

· Rainwater Harvesting.

The General Process:

The water used during the wash cycle drains from the vehicles onto the wash pad, and then into the underground interceptor via a central gully.

The underground interceptor has a 3 stage weir process where oils, floating debris and course debris are trapped, and allows settlement of grit and coarse sandy material within the interceptor. (This must be emptied by a sludge gulper at a frequency determined by the level of silt within the tank.)

The sump pump that’s fitted to the skid of the reclaim unit that’s housed with a GRP plant room, pulls water from the interceptor through the hydro-cyclone and then into the 1st stage tank of the reclaim unit. The hydro-cyclone separates solids above a certain size and rejects them with a small amount of water back to the interceptor.

Dependent on the reclaim model water is then passed through different tanks and carbon vessels to remove and breakdown detergents and solids within the water. Providing the vehicle wash system, recycled water. During the vehicle washing process a small amount of water is lost due to vehicle carriage, wind spray and local site conditions, this water is made back up by a mains water supply into the reclaim tanks via a ball valve were required.

City & Guilds accredited program certificated: legionella responsible person training 2019.

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