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The electrically heated hot water high pressure cleaner with stainless steel water tank complete with float switch isolator for low water and a digital temperature gauge. Ideal for applications whenever exhaust from oil fired pressure cleaners are undesirable or prohibited. For example food industry, abattoirs, hospitals, internal use and the chemical industry


    • No smelly diesel fumes
    • No noise from burner
    • No dirty diesel problems
    • Approx. £1 an hour – cheaper to run
    • Very little servicing to be carried out
    • A more environmental friendly machine
    Stainless steel water tank which holds 300 litres, heavily insulated to maintain a constant water temperature.
    Two high efficiency immersion heaters able to produce heat up to 85°C.
    Visual digital temperature display on Dashboard.
    Fitted as standard with 24 volt control.
    Anti-leak detection.
    Auto time delayed shut down at zero pressure which has proven to reduce maintenance costs by 75%.
    Prolonged chassis life – constructed in stainless steel.

    Hose Outlet: 20m internal hose reel / 10 or 20m hose.
    Low or high pressure chemical injection.
    Bulk chemical.
    Key start.

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